Asian Unification Project

Toronto and Vancouver, Canada

As   Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic spreads throughout the world, most countries   are strongly encouraging folks to begin social distancing and don't make any   unnecessary trips.
    COVID-19 is especially dangerous for older folks (50+) and   immunocompromised individuals. Elderly Asian individuals are arguably the   most affected by this. Not only do they face discrimination, they also have   barriers of accessibility, mobility, and language.
    The goal of this project is to provide support for these people by   delivering groceries or running errands, minimizing the contact they have   with the outside.
    (note I'm not part of this project, heard about it from Facebook friend who   is one of the organizers so I copied the description from their website)~~~~


Volunteer Requests

We often request volunteers to help out. Click one of the volunteering opportunities below to see details and sign up.


Offers of Assistance

We host a food pantry every saturday. Click below to see more details on how to claim a box.