About Us

A few weeks ago during March 2020 spring break, it felt like the world was unraveling day by day. Entire cities and states were going into lockdown. When comparing the global COVID-19 pandemic to a natural disaster or zombie apocalypse, we realized some things:

  1. The internet connection is still working.

  2. There are tons of people who need help.

  3. There are tons of people who want to help.

  4. There's no easy way for these people to find each other.

We took these four observations and built this coronavirus volunteer match platform you are on right now. 19CovAid is for anyone to find or offer help, whether it be delivery, errands, online help, or just a friend to talk to. Our mission is to allow people to get the help they need, when they need it, at the click of a button.


The Team Behind 19CovAid


Aaliyah Sayed

I am a student from Princeton, New Jersey, who loves using technology and data science to solve issues in my community.


Arshaan Sayed

I am a student who loves coding and music


Farhat Siddiqui

Advisor / Mentor